Update from Mike Lynch: Barefoot Challenge Postponed

Dear Friends,


These past two weeks have been unimaginable and the impact on our campus and student-athletes very real, sudden and life altering. I feel for our staff and coaches, but mostly for our student-athletes, many of whom experienced an unexpected conclusion to their college days, their athletic careers…a defining piece of their very being with the cancellation of all activities and the campus relocations. Our spring seniors had their final season culminate with the distribution of uniforms and the anticipation of final days that were only all too final. For me personally, it was one of the most difficult conversations I’ve ever had, informing coaches that we were shutting down our program.


Because of the current global health crisis, we have also made the difficult decision to postpone the Barefoot Challenge until a later date. Although the Challenge is the primary source of revenue for our athletic department and teams, our immediate priority is to make sure our student-athletes—and all of our students—are safe, healthy and cared for.


If you would like, you can still make a donation that will go towards the athletic program of your choosing as we decide how to best use those funds and support the student-athletes impacted by this pandemic. You can also support students across campus through the Emergency Fund with everything from transportation and meals to internet access and temporary storage of their belongings. The need is great right now, and it’s been both heartbreaking and inspiring to see this community come together.


In the coming days and weeks ahead, our staff will be working remotely, dealing with the situation at hand and maintaining continuity for the College. It’s fair to say it will be a bizarre experience for everyone—people that are so used to working closely together day and night for the betterment of our student-athletes will have no physical rallying point, no game to attend. However, we all have a shared mission during this time that goes well beyond maintaining continuity: to celebrate the achievements of 2019-2020 in whatever form that may take.


Thank you to our alumni, parents and friends who have stepped forward to support us in the past and who stand by our side now as we embark on this journey. Thanks to our coaches and staff for their leadership in this tumultuous time. Most of all thanks to our student-athletes, and in particular our seniors, for their efforts and achievements in a Babson uniform. Your hard work and dedication elevated our program and you have brought many tremendously wonderful things to this College that were unthinkable just four short years ago.


Our most heartfelt gratitude for your support, thoughts and well wishes. We’ll be in touch. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and always Defend the Dam. 




Mike Lynch
Pamela P. and Brian M. Barefoot Athletics Director
Senior Director of Athletics Advancement

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